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    • CommentAuthorhighlander
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2012
    Would like some feedback on the best place to hire kayaks,myself and a friend want to paddle the kayak trail from start to finish.
    We live in NZ and have been paddeling for around 12years,my friend has a bomb proof roll,me i'm still trying,in nz we carry paddle floats,and use rudders, shame on us,but i think we deal with high winds here more than in scotland?
    Would i need to hire a dry suit in may-june? we are planning to come over 2013,
    Have you any contacts here in NZ that may have paddled the trail?
    We belong to KASK, have you herd of them?
    We have Simons book but would just like some feedback.


    Charles W. Barker
    • CommentAuthorSimon
    • CommentTimeApr 25th 2012
    Hi Charles

    Rather late replying to this - sorry!
    * Nothing wrong with paddle floats - Liz and I always carry one each.
    * I don't know if NZ gets higher winds than Scotland - we faced F8 gusts in June/July 2008 which kept us off the water.
    * Skegs are far more common here than rudders, but you'll find both.
    * Dry-suit is a personal preference as I say in the book. We carry them, use them when it's wet, and use the salopettes/cag combo around camp to save carrying yet more waterproofs. It's down to confidence / ability / preference.
    * KASK reviewed our two Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown DVDs and we're entered in the NZ Mountain Film Festival 2012
    * Sorry, no contacts in NZ that have paddled the trail, but there are KASK members who've paddled the west coast of Scotland so might be able to tell you more.

    Come back to me if I can be of any help simonDOTwillisATmeDOTcom